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2020-2021 Season Club Tryouts  - REGISTRATION CLOSED

As is the case with everything this year, Club Volleyball season will look differently from years past. 

Tryouts vs placement

Because of COVID-19 and the late fall season for high school volleyball, we cannot conduct tryouts as we’ve done in the past. Instead, we have a different process:

  1. Register. Click this link to be added to our wait list for our Winter JO Season. We may have opportunities for U12 and U13 players, but all older ages are currently at capacity.  Commitment Day is  November 1, 2020 for high school-aged players and The MSHSL has granted a one-day waiver on this date to allow High School athletes to attend tryouts.  We are attempting to secure commitments without an on-site tryout this year and will only require evaluations on November 1st for players if we have more registrations than we have roster spaces available for.  We will attempt to use past experience and club membership in-lieu of tryouts wherever possible, but a limited number of players will be invited to evaluations between 9am and noon on Sunday, November 1st.  Most players will receive notices of intent to offer positions on October 31st and actual team placements will occur after the high school season during our first week of the season starting November 30th.  An offer to commit is not a guarantee of a roster spot on a specific team, but rather an offer to play for Northern Impact this season on one of our teams.  Actual team placements will be determined after November 30th.

  2. Commitment Day. On Commitment Day, players who are selected will receive a commitment form to sign. This signature means you are committed to playing for Northern Impact for the 20-21 season. Down payment is made at this time. 

  • Oct 25: Commitment Day for 14 and under

  • Nov 1: Commitment Day for 15+
  1. Placement. Once players have committed, we will hold a series of placement sessions. These will be smaller groups, by age, and will be used to determine team assignments.

Registration is now closed.


Key Dates

Players 14 and under

  • Oct 8: Registration open
  • Oct 25: Commitment day
  • Week of Nov 23rd: Team Placement and Training
  • Nov 30: Team Practices begin

Players 15 and older 

  • Oct 8: Registration open
  • Nov 1: Commitment day and in-person evaluations by appointment.
  • Nov 30th: Team Placement and training begin
  • December 7: Team Practices begin

General Information

For the 2020-21 season, we expect to:

  • Field 11 teams: One team each at 12s, 13s, 18s; two teams each at 14s, 15s, 16s, & 17s

  • Hold 2 practices/week/team

  • 12-16 weeks of conditioning through Acceleration North

  • Send each team to approximately 12 days of competition, (dependent upon age and competitions available.). 

  • Cost for the season to range from $1200 - $1900. Costs include practice time, strength and agility training, coach fees, events, uniform package, and JVA/USAV Membership.  Costs will vary based on the number and expenses of events and length of season. 

The events we attend this year are to be determined. We expect some of the big events we usually attend to be on, but we need to wait for these event organizers to determine their plans. We have not decided about including any travel events. We are also open to attending more events if players and parents are interested.  


We have an extensive COVID-19 preparedness plan that we have successfully implemented and followed during our short Fall 2020 season. 

Because our policy requires players to quarantine if they have symptoms or test positive, we recognize this can cause significant missed playing time. To that end, this year we will offer refunds to players who miss four consecutive weeks or more of the season due to injury or illness. In the event the season is cut short (like last year), refunds of the costs we are able to recover will go to all players. 

Age definitions

The age breakdown has changed! Please use the table below to determine your eligible age group.

18 U 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003
17 U 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004
16 U 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005
15 U 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006
14 U 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007
13 U 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008
12 U 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009
11 U 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010
10 U 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011


We're here to answer your questions

If you have any questions about tryouts or Northern Impact's volleyball programs, please contact Kraig O'Rourke at